Born Geek Photography

About This Site

I'm Jonah Bishop, and this website is home to my personal photo collection. I also run the Born Geek website. Many of these photos showcase areas in and around North Carolina, where I live, though there are also plenty of photos from other locations across the United States.

North Carolina State Parks

When I started this photo site, I had a personal goal to visit and photograph all of the state parks in North Carolina (41 as of this writing). I completed this goal in October of 2016, and have photos from every state park on display here.

How This Site Works

The previous version of this website was written in PHP using a MySQL database. In late 2016, I decided to rewrite it in Python, using the Django framework (it still makes use of MySQL). I named this software package "Monkey Album," after my role of being a code-monkey. This software is effectively always in development, and I tweak things every now and again. If you have suggestions for improvement, or if you spot a problem, let me know by using the Born Geek contact form. Your feedback is always appreciated!